A Look Back at Last Year’s Course


As we prepare for this year’s crop of CEU Business School MBA students to set off for our annual Business in a Global City: NYC course, we’re taking a look back at last year’s trip.

Here’s the opening of  an article about the inaugural class’ experience. You can read the full article at ceubusiness.org.

When MBA students from Central European University Business School reached the summit of a 27-floor Manhattan office building where they were learning about real estate management on May 1, they witnessed firsthand what the world saw online: One World Trade Center becoming the tallest building in New York City, and reclaiming the spot left empty in the skyline by the 2001 World Trade Center terrorist attack.


It was an emblematic scene on the second day of the students’ intensive, three-credit course on running a company in a global city.

Since the towers fell, NYC has faced the 2008 financial meltdown. Its media industry has had to find new paths to financial viability in the digital era. It has made attempts of varying success to become the Silicon Valley of America’s east. And it has joined other cities in taking the threat of climate change more seriously.

All this while vying for talent and financial investment on an increasingly-competitive world stage.

“New York City is home to so many living case studies that exemplify the challenges and opportunities of leading and starting a company in an international megacity,” said Mel Horwitch, Dean of CEU Business School who developed the program, the first of its kind at the school. “We wanted our MBA students to immerse themselves in the environment and interact with all manner of professionals — from serial entrepreneurs to CEOs to subject matter experts.”

Thirty-five current MBA students from the fulltime and executive programs participated in the residency program, which paired a week of study in New York City with group presentations the students gave back in Budapest on key takeaways from their experience.

Students started each day in New York with one or more lectures delivered by a NYC-based expert in the day’s theme. Themes included enterprise management, finance, entrepreneurship, clean technology, and innovation. They spent the second half of the day at a company involved in the same theme.

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