A Boundless Island

All of us are very excited to start the trip to the capital of the world – a charming city that combines all the possible diversity of cultures, traditions, possibilities and opens the doors for us to enter and enjoy it.

First time I visited NY in 2006 and already then I discovered that it exhausts the energy and all the love from me and instead settles a small crystal into my heart and hearts of all the people who were caught into its sweet traps like me, a fine crystal that will never dissolve or disappear.

This city to me is a young but wise beyond his age, innovative, smart, gaudy, lively and rich Magician with fervent blood flowing in his veins and a piece of contagious madness ready to open a new doors and spaces for you imagination and growth. And I am so happy to join this marvelous team of EMBA and MBA students to investigate the city and learn from it as much as I can.

I hope each of us will be able to sample fruits for its professional and business growth from our trip and I am sure that we will have a great time there.


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