Day 1: Rise, fall…and rise again in the “new” New York

Dear friends,

The first day’s gone and it’s been amazing!
We started at SUNY with a great and inspiring class held by Ziv, a brave, successful, and naive entrepreneur.
He spoke about the rise, fall, and rise again of his career as experienced entrepreneur dealing with start-up companies…in short, life is a roller-coster 🙂
He gave us a different picture of New York City, a “new” NYC which  is moving its business focus from corporations to entrepreneurs.
My personal takeaway from his presentation can be summarized in one of his quotes “Optimists are often wrong, rationals always right…but optimists make decisions that change the world”.
After a quick lunch, we headed to Times Square and “climbed” up to the 36th floor of the Times Square Tower for visiting AT Kearney, a successful consulting company where young and friendly consultants presented us the company business and gave an insight look at the strategic consulting environment.
Then, we swapped from suits and ties to t-shirts and jeans.
The second company we visited, General Assembly, is a kind of incubator for start-up companies where we met to two bright start-uppers and listened to their innovative ideas.
Eventually, it’s been a great start in NYC! 😉

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