Entrepreneurship in New York

When it comes to career opportunities in New York, we usually envision professionals like financiers, investment bankers, consultants or insurance managers. People, who work +14 hours a day, five days a week, follow a strict dress code and predefined hierarchical career path; however in response to their hard work they can earn stabile salary, gradually climb up corporate stairs and get an office overlooking on Times Square.

Next to these traditional companies, young and vibrant community of entrepreneurs started to emerge. New York is becoming a Mecca for startups. Besides offering an accessible financing to promising companies, city can offer something that its counterparts in Europe can’t- that’s called a support from local society. Here risk is greatly encouraged and failure is not considered as a reason for judgment. Therefore New York creates a climate where start-ups can have fair opportunities to compete with established companies, where a net wealth of an entrepreneur could be worth $ 800 million even before he reaches his thirty’s.

There is always a choice between being a Wall Street financier or becoming an entrepreneur, however if you happen to choose the second, then just do it and remember that it requires a lot of dedication, focus and internal motivation not to lose the vision during turbulent times.

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