Program Kick-Off

Dear readers,

Our program got officially started on Sunday evening with chilled cocktails and an amazing Manhattan rooftop view, while catching up on our first experiences in New York and having a chance to meet with CEU Business School MBA graduates living in NYC.

Monday kicked off rainy after the beautiful, sunny weekend. However, in the classroom at SUNY Global Center we were woken up by a fascinating and inspiring presentation of Ziv, a New York based entrepreneur, who shared his entrepreneurial story and explained the transformation of NYC from a traditional financial center to a new kind of a start-up city.

As Ziv had done his MBA in France, this is how he summarized his learning experience: MBA teaches to manage chaos; it forces us out of our comfort zones and teaches us “unintended lessons”. I couldn’t agree more.

After the morning session, we visited the management consultancy AT Kearney, hosted by some brilliant young talents, and gazed at Times Square from the 35th floor (see picture below). Later, we moved on to Broadway to visit a very cool start-up center called General Assembly (list of current start-ups in the picture), buzzling of young entrepreneurial minds.

To summarize the meetings of the first day, entrepreneurship is about optimism, drive and resilience. It seems that there is room for an entrepreneurial soul also in corporations like AT Kearney. As Ziv put it, we should all think of our skill sets and what we are good at. What is the skill you can sell? How do you package yourself and make somebody buy what you have?


Looking forward to tomorrow’s sessions!


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