Rules for entrepreneurs to remember

Today was the first day we’ve spent learning about entrepreneurship in NYC, first and amazing day full of valuable information, impressions and new findings.
I would like to share with one of the most interesting things I have learned today that I find very useful for any person considering starting a business. We met with an amazing entrepreneur Ziv Navoth, founder and CEO of Paragraph ( with an exciting experience conjugated with successes and failures in risk-bearing businesses. I would like to tell you the 10 rules of entertpreneur he told us today about as I found it very precise and valuable.

Rule N1: If you want to start a business and be an entrepreneur- just be it!
Any startup will need all your time, meaning that no co-working should exist. Be ready for that.
Rule N2: If you want to become an entrepreneur you need an actions. Of course a lot you do will fail, but some will succeed very much making your business work and grow.
Rule N3: Find the right thing you want to do and focus only on it. You can’t do well few things well in parallel. So choose and focus only on that one you find the best to do.
Rule N4: Being a successful entrepreneur is not only about you, it is about your customers. Find what they want and give them that!
Rule N5: For a business to grow some movement is needed, something should be always in process of going out. Create this movement!
Rule N6: You will be asked a lot of hard questions from market to answer, but the important one is about do you really believe in what you are doing. For a business to be successful you need to be confident and feel that this is the right time, right place and right thing to do.
Rule N7: Be in contact with people who make your business work and pay you money- communicate with your customers, talk to them and learn from them.
Rule N8: When you feel that something you do is not right – simply stop doing it. Sometimes it happens that you want to do things so much that you become unable to catch the negative signals. Be attentive not to get to the wrong direction basing only on positive signals. Teach yourself to catch all of the signals.
Rule N9: Don’t forget about yourself and take care of you. Eat healthy, go to gym, exercise and live in harmony.
Rule N10: Always remember that there are a lot of people around ready to teach you the “right” things to do, put frameworks on your actions, judge you and remind about possibility of failures. Listen to yourself and trust your intuition!

To become a successful entrepreneur we need to forget about stereotypes. Anything we do is accompanied with external judgement and our subconsciously formed dependence of the external opinions and ideals. We should remember it and do not let it stop or constrain our possibilities.


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