Day 2 by Zoli

What a great day!
In the morning session Alejandro Crawford of Acceleration Group opened my eyes to, among many others, two things:
1, When looking for business innovation ideas one way could be to ask myself what am I paying for now that I hate paying for and what would I pay for instead, that could act as an alternative source of income?
2. Just like Ziv said yesterday, it is crucial today to first test business ideas on users, to get a proof of concept, and only start extensive work when I know that there is interest from the customers for my product.
Some people like to speak of NY as the next Silicon Valley. The funny version of that is the “silicon alley’ 🙂
A great presentation. Hope to see Alejandro again this Thursday or Friday in a jazz cafe in lower Manhattan 🙂
In the afternoon session I learnt that the view from General Atlantic private equity investors’ office is also incredible 🙂 (55 E52nd street, Manhattan).
The company manages an 18 billion fund, its investors lare a number of high net worth families.

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