Day 2: CAPTURE, the pieces you need to put in place to success under the pressure of the market

The day started off with a very energetic and interactive presentation by Alejandro Crawford from Accelerate Group, a consultant with first hand experience with innovation and start-up companies.

The main takeaway of the morning session I got  is the CAPTURE concept, meaning the 7 critical factors in making sure that an innovative idea works out. In short, they are the pieces you need to put in place to success under the pressure of the market.
1) Cash reserves & capital availability
2) Access to key markets & channels
3) Pipeline and process for innovation
4) Talent, tools, training & tram buy-in
5) User base – & basis for learning from users
6) Relationships with partners, vendors & stakeholders
7) Economics for monetizing & scaling up
The first part of day 2 kept focusing on start-ups and innovation as during day 1, but the afternoon company visit changed the direction.
A few blocks away from SUNY there’s General Atlantic, an investment company with 18 billion capital, 10 offices all around the world, and, as today, 50 companies in portfolio.
The company invests 50% of its capital abroad.
We sat in the board room of the company and had a round table talking about investments, competition, and how private equity funds work.
What impressed me is that GA is not only financing growing companies but also managing risk with them during their growth path.
Overall, it’s been another exciting day.

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