Career trends in NYC- Day 3

Today we have discussed career trends in New York with experts of Wall Street and NYC University.
Recenctly every third job in NYC is connected with finance services, however trend might not be continued  in the future. The rise of purchasing power in emerging markets will shift the center of banking and financing sectors in Asia or Middle east. The most important requirement for establishing a new global finance center will be transparancy and integrity. Therefore , for those countries with high level of corruption will be harder  to attract investments and talents.
In NY university we have visited Center for Urban science where program coordinators  introduced us with newly established program in urban science that will address the increasing need of  data analysis experts in NYC.  Data analysts will be equipped with capabilities to use analytical methods  to unlock potential in data in order to find a solution and address urban challenges, resulting in improvement in life  and work quality in cities. As 50% of population is based in urban areas, improvement of urban lives in existing or newly built cities is gaining more popularity.

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