Day 3 by Zoli

Today in the morning we heard a not so exciting presentation about the present and future of the financial world with a focus on New York.
The afternoon session was exciting: visiting Brooklyn is in itself special after the craze and fast pace of Manhattan. The New York University’s Center for Urban Science and Progress works with bug data, and introduces new concepts into analyzing and using those. Studying for a degree in it could be as exciting and promising as it was the case with IT in the early ’80s, we heard from Director of Admissions and Enrollment Services J.C. Bonilla. By the visualization of big data, like 311 calls (NYC’s number for resident complaints, eg. about noisy garbage trucks in the morning) one could also identify hot spots, intersections where a new store might be worth opening.
Other large seta of data they work with includes energy loss analysis using infrared cameras, taxi usage (routes, starting and finish points), etc. They basically use NYC as their laboratory for urban informatics, with the financial support of the city council.
Future uses of these analysis are blurred but one can feel that there is huge potential in it.

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