Day 4 by Zoli

In today’s morning session with a very talented business analyst from Pfizer, yesterday’s topic was mentioned as well: data analytics changes the concept of management (not fully of course) from gut feeling to big data analysis and usage.
In the lunch break it was great to hide from the noise of the city in St. Bart’s church on 5th avenue for a while, then grab a ‘gyro’ (the local gyros or kebab prepared by an indian guy) and finish it sitting outside by the sidewalk on stairs  or squares surrounded by tulips (the city is full of them this time of year, also daffodils) and locals doing the same.
In the afternoon we visited Verdant Power on Roosevelt Island, a municipal energy company that has a 12-year old project (it took them so long to get ll the licenses as they were pioneering in this field) in installing and operating tidal turbines in the river bed of the East River. They are passed the R&D phase and now have a proof of concept. The turbines are capable of generating electricity in 77% of its operating hours. The plan to install 1 MW capacity.
If you plan to go to the island when in New York, don’t miss the cable car, it offers fantastic views!
The dinner organized by CEU staff in Carmine’s, a very popular Italian resto by Times Square was great with delicious food and good company. Thanks guys!
For NBA fans like me, the official store on 5th avenue between 47 and 48th is like Mekka and a must see 🙂

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