Medicine, emerging markets and sustainable energy

As a true and long-lasting New York Knicks fan it was hard to start another day at school after the loss at game 5 to our arch rivals, the Celtics. At least I was able to fulfill my dream and watch them live at MSG, the Pantheon of modern sports. Anyways, two more shots remain to wrap up this series and I hope they do it without my help.

The morning session could’ve healed the wounds from last night since the guest speaker was Pfizer’s emerging markets manager Mr. Aaron Foster. His sector provides decision support and strategic insights to marketing and sales partners through custom data analytics and market research. Their focus is the so called EURIT region (East Europe Russia India Turkey).
Through three case studies of Pfizer’s medicine (Lipitor in Indonesia – high cholesterol, Sutent in Turkey – kidney cancer, Remicade – rheumatoid arthritis). This pharma giant with 59 bn$ revenue in 2012 is taking the emerging markets very seriously. Their studies show that 50% of future growth of pharma market will come from Emerging markets.
For instance, market growth of India is 12% compared to mature markets 0.4%. Istanbul is the center of their emerging markets division.

The company visit took us to a place often overlooked even by New Yorkers, the Roosevelt island. On that island, an innovative company Verdant power, is showcasing new sustainable energy sources as a cure for our dependance on fossil fuels. They use the water power of the river flow to turn a turbine that produces energy. Their future capacity will be 1 MWatt that could provide electricity sufficient for 1,000 households. The interesting fact that I learned about the Hudson river is that it changes direction every 6 hours.

One more day to go and I already know that I will miss this city and the energy it gives to me.


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