Talents of Pfizer and current trends

We met Aaron Foster from Pharmaceutical company Pfizer today to tell us about his experience in pharmaceutical industry and in a large multinational corporation Pfizer.
As we got to know Pfizer invests a lot in R & D and commercialization to find the proper markets in accordance with existing external influences.
What does Pfizer do? Good medicine makes people’s life conditions better. That is what Pfizer do for decades!
For a corporation to be successful it needs to identify its talents and invest in them as utilization of their talents leads indirectly to better financial results. How does Pfizer do here is that it finds talents going across the corporation, identifies the potentials of its employees and allocates them the best productive way, providing with additional training and favorable working conditions.
It is an interesting fact that here in US you can hardly find any MD working as a sales person in pharmaceutical companies. Of course sales people here need to have scientific background but no doctor tends to become sales representative whereas in Former Soviet countries where I am coming from and in particular in Russia, Ukraine, Armenia most often being sales representative in pharma company is the most optional opportunity to make money for MD. Many of doctors jump to pharmacology finding themselves more comfortable there.
Aaron helped us to get closer to comprehention of what is it like to work in a large multinational corporation in NYC.
He divided his answer into groups:
1. He loves living and working in NYC (Yes, that is imposible not to love this city!). It is stimulating, intense, efficient… but expensive.
2. It gives diverse opportunities.
3. It can be difficult to get things done.
4. Public perception is very important here, which is a challenge meanwhile.
Most probably his answer is rather common for anybody working in such a large and sustainable corporation and in such a place like NYC, at least it seems to me so.
We have been disussing today why is it so important for pharmaceutical companies to have active commercial activity and how high is the importance of innovation in it as a key value-driver. The idea is that with a lack of sales resources it will be very hard for a product to reach its market. Without transfering the information to the doctors and making them aware of pharmaceutical novelties we will end up with needs and possible better solutions for patients versus what they are being prescribed. Medical doctors need to be aware about all the new products in their field of specialization to help patients get the most effective and safe treatment. And it is marketing and sales department duty to reach the information to the right ears.
I would like to conclude with some shocking data we saw today on lecture. Pharma spending of different countries differ from US so dramatically, in particular:
It appears that US pharma spending is 7960$ per capita per year wheneas evolving market cluster- 70$, mature market cluster- 377$ and for example India- 11$… The attitudes toward health care and its importance very much differ from country to country.


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