No, not this time. And yes, this is the final blog post from NYC. The next time you read from me I’ll be back on the other side of the “big pond”. I’m still trying to etch the memories deep into my mind. Yesterday’s dinner at Carmine’s just next to Times Square was a good way to do exactly that. Great aubergine lasagna, by the way.

Today there will be only a classroom session and no company visit. I guess Friday as a special day has something to do with it. Topic of the presentation is “Clean is more than green” given by Mr. Francois from Cleantech, Inc. His company does transnational transactions in the green tech industry between N. America and Europe, and N. America and Asia.

He gave an overview of the most important countries and cities that are on the top of the wave of Green energy. First one on the list was Japan, having gone from one of the most polluted places in the world to one of the leaders in the clean energy field. The second one was one of the newcomers, UAE, in particular Abu Dhabi and their 22 B$ commitment to green energy. It was also interesting to learn about Masdar, the zero emission city. Closer to us, we looked at Denmark and as an example discussed Samso, the renewable energy island.

Finally, nothing of the above would be possible without the needed finances. Thus, we concluded that it is necessary to have a combination of private and public finances.

That’s all folks, but show must go on. So stay tuned for the wrap up post in a few days.


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