Quand on a pas de pétrole, on a des idées…!

We learnt today that presently the top three countries in renewable energy technologies (CleanTech) are:

1) Japan
2) Denmark
3) United Arab Emirates

What is common to them is their genuine commitment to reducing carbon emissions, switching to renewable energy sources and investing significantly in CleanTech R&D. As Monsieur Pages from Galileo Global Securities stated, these countries want to “control their future”. Moreover, they attract talent and foreign investments by being role models in sustainable development for the rest of us. Hungary, our beloved host country, is at the other end of the list, lacking commitment to and strategy for reducing carbon emissions.

We learnt that various actors are interested in investing in green energy projects – these include banks, private pension funds, insurance companies, businesses and governments. Investors go there where the money is, and favor capital efficiency – also known as energy efficiency.

Globally, most of the CleanTech venture deals are made in:

– Energy efficiency
– Transportation
– Advanced materials
– Biofuels and biochemicals

It was really interesting to hear a banker’s view on environmentally sustainable technologies. Financial industry is more and more interested in the CleanTech sector. There, the CleanTech jobs are within banks, asset management companies, exchanges and brokers community, and in specialized service companies.

To conclude, the top CleanTech sectors in which venture capital investments were made in 2011 were:
– Solar (1.81 billion USD)
– Transportation, including electric vehicles
– Energy efficiency
– Biofuels

Our official program in New York ended today. Therefore, I would like to thank the Business School for putting together such an interesting program, inviting top-notch guest speakers and arranging company visits. We have had a really great time!


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