Green energies in Denmark

Our last session in NY covered very critical topic of nowadays- Renewable energy and its role in some countries. Mr Francois Pages from CleanTech who was our guest speaker told us about some of the Big players in renewable energy and brought as one of the examples Denmark- small country with population about 5,5 mln, with no oil or other resources that could make this country naturally rich.
Any country wants to control its future and in this term being a fuel independent is a very important issue. That’s why the best decision to reduce the external dependency for Denmark was to find alternatives for oil and gas to make its future more sustainable, safer and cleaner.
Constraints create alternatives!:)
Though since 90s trends in energy intensity have decreased Denmark is still highly persistent at deploying green energy. Electricity generated by renewable energy share of Domestic Electricity Supply reached 30% in 2008, 18% from which was driven from wind power and its share is going to increase in near future.
Today main groups of renewable energy in Denmark are presented by wind energy, wood (the highest, 32%), biomass, straw, waste, biodegradable, heat pumps, geothermal, biofuel. Heating as well is being partially provided by electricity.
Denmark has places like island Samso as an ideal example of going green and independent being 100% self-sufficient by wind generated electricity. Unfortunately this model of green energies today can work best in small countries like Denmark, but how can it be applied in a countries with population about or above billion? That’s the unclear question for today to think about.
Countries are driven by their environment evolutionally and if it does not have natural resources the best decision will be to find alternative ways to substitute them. Countries like Hungary I live today has a lot to learn from Denmark as it has all the opportunities for producing renewable energy.
We also discussed some of the mistakes investors do when they decide to invest in green energies.
Failures happen in any business field. The most common reason of failure in this industry is “a bad idea”. Today many rich people start to invest in green energies understanding its importance and tending to improve environment, save planet, but for being successful investor in green energies one needs to be a specialist in this field. A big part of the investors are very far from environmental science.
Another common mistake is a reliance on the public subsidies. If the business is in a back of public subsidies investor should understand from the very beginning that one day public financing will be stopped and the business will have to continue its existence somehow.

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