Post Scriptum – Back in Budapest

This final blog entry of mine was born onboard on my way back to Hungary. New York was fantastic, beyond expectations. New Yorkers are amazingly friendly, welcoming and polite. The variety of cultures is overwhelming, and the different parts of the city so distinct from each other. Just before my departure I visited the excellent Museum of the City of New York in the junction of Upper West Side and El Barrio, East Harlem. Within five minutes from the posh Central Park neighborhood I was in the blocks where only Spanish could be heard.

The consumerism and throw-awayism is unbeliavable, too. During lunch time everything is served on and from plastic/cardboard. And it seems that none of it is being recycled. Referring to my first blog entry, mayor Bloomberg still has a lot of work to do in the field of sustainability and in order to change New Yorkers’ mind-sets. Nevertheless, the electric buses, farmers’ markets, High Line Park and the grand Central Park (in the below pictures) prove that some progressive steps have also been taken toward environmental sustainability.

IMG_0346     IMG_0353

During our program, I enjoyed and benefited most from the inspiring lectures by Ziv and Alejandro, as well as the visits to AT Kearney and Verdant Power. These events reminded me to rethink about my strengths and to package them in a credible way. They also taught me about the importance of being confident about who I am and believing in what I can do, as well as maintaining my optimism along the way. Verdant, for example, is a good example of a persistent company: operating since 1999, it received the license to commercialize its energy production as late as in 2012.

Last but not least, during the final day of our program, I learnt that there is a lot of interest, opportunities and money tied to CleanTech and renewable energy projects, and the major investment companies, e.g. Goldman and Sachs, are financing such projects around the globe.



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