New York. Coda

The week has passed barefaced fast. But for this one and only crazy week each of us absorbed new flow of fresh knowledge,surprising breakthroughs and found something very new and very special for himself to take away.

I wish we could have this kind of electives more and in different places. How great would that be for example to take an elective in Singapore and explore entrepreneurship there? London? Or maybe even Moscow? We could generalize the concepts of building businesses, develop different approaches and overall get a huge experience to apply and experiment with.
My last  blog I would like to conclude with some of my impressions that I have from this course, but what we have learn here for this week will reveal in a time in our actions, decisions and choices we will make in future.
– New York is probably the best place for startups to build sustainable businesses and have unlimited space for growth and competition.
-Consulting companies today accomplish a miracles! If you are growing fast or face a crisis in your organization- find AT Kearney in your country! 🙂 These guys will always have a bunch of excellent ideas for you to grow sustainable and spread your wings. As I never worked for big companies meeting this team was very educational for me.
– Though NYC has a lot to do with environmental protection and, in particular with its huge amount of plastic thrown away every day, it is one of the places where best ideas for alternative energy generation is being born. An excellent illustration – Verdant Power! If you have a great and green idea- you will get the needed support to make this world a better place to live.
– People all over the world are very optimistic about US and its Government whereas the real picture differs substantively. Times are changing for US with its debts and big dependence on other countries. And if you’ve decided to buy US Treasury bonds today-think twice.
– NY is a city of beautiful people and bemusing diversity, constant camera controls and people eating on go. One can find here anything from any part of the world, can hear tens of languages for one day, see the boldest unexpected and beautiful combination of incongruities.
Once you breathe its air you will want to come back again and again.

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