Arrivederci New York City!


Back to Budapest!
This is the final post about my trip to New York City. Upon the end of our classes, I had the chance to stay there one more week and yet didn’t have enough time to visit all the things I wanted.
The city is amazing, you feel like you’re at centre of the world, the heart of everything…after 24h in NYC I already felt like I’ve been living there for years. Walking on the street you hear different languages, see different faces, and feel several smells like in a huge global village where everybody comes from somewhere else but still feels as “native New Yorker”.
Regarding the lectures we had, I really liked the ones held during the first two days respectively by Ziv and Alejandro. Furthermore, I very much enjoyed the company visits to AT Kearney, General Atlantic and Verdant Power.
The learning experience’s been intense and fast…just like life in NYC 😉 
Overall, it’s been a great experience both personally and professionally which can’t be forgotten easily; and it has definitely left an indelible mark in my mind and will influence my future steps in life.
Dear New York City, I wish to see you soon again!
Arrivederci 🙂

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