Final Note-NY

This is my final post about New York City’s session. I did not want to share impressions immediately upon departure from US, as I wanted emotions to cool down at first.

From personal perspective I learned that living in NY can be very vibrant and competitive. Though I always considered myself quite an ambitious and determined person, in comparison with New Yorkers I found myself laid back, enjoying the sun of central park, sipping ‘real Starbucks’ coffee and watching American football whilst trying to run away from rush of Manhattan.

Well, I have to disappoint you-it’s indeed all about money $$$. You can notice that city is full of young, determined professionals, who, unlike Europeans are not shy to talk about how much$  they earn or how much they would like to earn. In NY city success is measured monetarily!

Another buzzword- meaning of which I finally understood was Diversity. In this part of Europe we learn how to respect and appreciate diversity, whilst in NY people are natural diversity followers. You can always feel like at home there, like a real New Yorker.

From professional perspective I discovered that as finance professional I should seek career development opportunities either in London, Dubai or Singapore as Wall Street is no longer perceived as a finance centre of world, neither it produces jobs.

Another interesting finding was emphasizes that government and private sectors put on innovation. It is NOT a competitive advantage or a choice to be innovative, but it is mandatory for survival and growth.

Finally, entrepreneurship in NY is encouraged and perceived as a skill that could be acquired only after many failures. It is absolutely worth to fail-as one day you can also establish a successful company worth of  $$$ millions.  


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