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Dear Reader,

I’m writing this post already back in Budapest, this is my final one. Since I forgot to blog about the last day of the CEU NYC Module, I will begin with that and then go on to my conclusions, experiences, ideas.

We had a very interesting lecture and discussion with Francois, the representative of Galileo Global Securities, a private equity fund active in cleantech in China, Dubai, Turkey, the US and Japan.

The history of cleantech started around the first oil crisis in 1973-74, when the first wake-up calls were made.

He highlighted that the expression ‘cleantech’ has become almost like a swearword in the past 3 years due to its high costs with the appearence of shale gas (a cheap and ‘environmentally friendly’ alternative to coal and oil).

Francois added that Japan is a big achiever in energy efficiency, the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident being a big push in this direction.

We also learnt that the carbon finance is a dying market and the EU made a big mistake with the number of emission licenses it issued.

New York City…she impressed me in a number of different ways than I expected. I loved the colors, the oecan wind that cleaned the air, the buzz of the subway, the variety of eateries, the spring flowers everywhere, the Park…

And I had a chance to see the ‘opposite’, the ‘most European’ city in the States, San Francisco as well. What a contrast! But I liked them both a lot. Then fun parts of Frisco are the hills and the hippy neighborhoods, the downtown could be in any US city. But it does have a lovely atmosphere.

Before I go, one more thing: if you have the chance to visit the US, do not miss visiting the national parks…breathtaking sequoias in Yosemite and Sequoia National Park and all the other beauties. My favorite:

@ Wall Street With General Sherman


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