Looking back at a dream

It’s been almost a month since I left the Big Apple and the US. I wanted to give myself some time to reflect, to let the emotions subside and see what’s down there when the dust settles. This is the picture I see today.
Probably the biggest impact NYC made on me was the feeling of enthusiasm and optimism. It is still etched in my mind and heart as if some magic dust transferred from rubbing shoulders with the people there. Listening to the stories of those that made it there and feeding off of their passion was like drinking from the fountain of youth. The seasoned veterans of entrepreneurial battles take you on a trip to the other side of the medal, the less shiny one, the side made of battles lost, sweat and tears. Despite all the pain and scars, the city doesn’t let you quit. It doesn’t scare you off from trying again and again. It wants you to try again because it also feeds off of you and the energy you invest in it. This energy is almost tangible everywhere you go. And this energy acts as an invisible protective cloak from the rest of the world. It is a world in itself, one big blue bubble in the red ocean. As long as you bring back your energy the next morning it will grant you with days and nights filled with dreams dreamt with your eyes wide shut.
As the people in it keep innovating, the city reinvents itself with them. Whether it is still the financial centre of the world or not (as some predicted), whether the crisis is over or not, it will be the belly button of the creative world many years from now. It is a virus that adapts to its hosts and a host that transforms its guests.
Have a doubt if you are good enough? Don’t look elsewhere. NYC is the perfect playground for you as it is for the millions others looking for the same one, big chance and score. Get ready, pack all the optimism and dreams you have, and this city will give you the game of your life.
If you can make it there you can make it anywhere.
New York…

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