First week in big city completed

First impressions about city and classes received. It was very interesting experience and give me more for thinking than I expect before.
It could sound strange but here I understand the power of self-promotion and strong PR. USA is associated with highest effectiveness in work. Our way from airport to residence center makes me doubt in that. It’s looks like subway system in Moscow works more effectively and can provide better service for bigger number of customer for lower price. But Moscow citizens always complain about it 🙂 may be we always think that in other place grass is greener and life is better.

New Yorkers don’t complain and are sure that they are living in best city. They are don’t wait and act.
City ecosystem really support it. Particularly it’s a merit of ex mayor of city Michael Bloomberg and his program of economical development. Thing it is very good example how to change in politic can provide development and be beneficial for all sides – city, business and people. Sure that Hungary and Budapest also has big potential and can be better place for doing business and attract best people from worldwide. Is CEU BS do something in this area? It can be good way for site establishing good connection with city, promoting expertise and give inspiring exercise for students (remember how inspired were my classmates in brand management class when they present theirs ideas how to improve image of Budapest as great touristic destination!). One more thing that can be copying to the class in Budapest – analyses of steps and requirement to opening company in Hungary. Some of my classmates think about this opportunity and think that school has good expertise and connections with people who provide service in this area.

New York is very vibrant and active and national diversity contributes to that. Around 40% of population were born in foreign countries and moved to NY (surprisingly according to the data from Alejandro Crawford and Brian Gurski – those names look a mix of different nation name – Russian community in NY is bigger than Indian). They have to start from basic level but know that if will work hard in few years can gain money and have better life (American dream in action!). According the Alejandro and Brian presentation 96% of exports conducted by small business.
I can’t imagine same proportion in Russia.
Other difference between our countries is openness of American to share their ideas and access to open source resources of knowledge. And we had real life opportunity to sure in that in after-presentation discussion with guys from Friedman Kaplan Seiler & Adelman. As told one of them: “you never know what you will need in the future, may be I will decide open the business in Russia. And I already know two nice businesswomen here. Great!”.
In Russia people still think oppositely, that if they don’t share knowledge and ideas it protects them in corporative world and provide bigger value as expert. Problem of trust still be huge in Russia. It doesn’t support creation of friendly ecosystem for business and innovating environment.
One more interesting thing in class with Acceleration group guys was due diligence exercise. Unfortunately we didn’t study it in our Budapest classes but I’m sure this knowledge can be very useful for us in the future and may be I need to spend some time for study it deeper.

Visit to Centre for urban science+progress was very interesting too. Now we collect lot of data those can be used to make of live better, but usually nobody really used them. CUSP can be a model for similar initiative in other cities. Variety of collecting data and analysis late huge.

One other interesting though was repeated few times by different speakers – what make us different, why we are more interesting than other candidate in job market.
What we are really passioned about? Why somebody must to hire us? Why we would be a good fit? Hope that with reading “What color is your parachute?” it can help us find our sustainable competitive advantages and prepare us to future success like smart carrier path of Aaron Foster from Pfizer.

First week finished. Now is a time for museum, theaters and sightseeing. Sure that it will be not only cultural experience but also will give some ideas about cultural companies business management.

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