First Week In Newyork

My report of visit to Newyork City, the most global city of the world.I want to share my experience of first week in New York .

After spending 9 months in Budapest I feel newyork home away from home as I have seen many Indians. New york truly a global city you can see people from every part of the world. New York exerts a significant impact upon commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, research, technology, education, and entertainment. Around 800 languages are spoken in New York making it the most linguistically diverse city in the world.

This city really inspires me to think,aim and achive big in life. The sky scrappers and lifestyle gives me a motivation to stay hungary in life.

First day we have speakers Alejandro and Brain who gives great perspective about newyork eco system and business in Newyork .  I learned how after 2008 recession Newyork invested in incubators for innovations and  about transition of newyork economy from finance to Innovation. Form all this I learned very important lesson “show must go on”. Second day Alejandro and Brain covers the topic how entrepreneur can manage the business in newyork and global market with some interesting exercises and case study which enable us to apply our learnings from the class. I love the way they taught us with full of motivation and energy.

We have visit to Newyork University where Guest speaker gives insight on CUSP program about Urban Infomatics and how data can be useful to form the strategies and planning for the planned cities as in few years most of the world population live in cities. Data visualisation techniques shown in prepsentation are very impressive.  The idea of smart cities is very exciting and also necessity in current scenario and for future requirements. I think its a great initiative by Newyork university and also feeling very happy that IIT Bombay is also the part of this program.

We also visited law firm where we got the knowledge about FCPA and anti- corruption polices.I found speakers very friendly and open to questions. I learned a lesson Be careful with your business practices and keep in mind all the regulations.

We have guest speaker from pfizer who gives us lecture on use of data analytics for stretegic direction in emerging markets. He also shared company perspective towards emering market. I learned the use and importance of business analytics to form the strategy in business and how we can analyze the data and interpret the data. 

We have career session in which Guest speaker from Kupler & co. gives insight about executive recrutment and some tips during interview such as Buy nice suit , Eye contact. He also emphasis on the importance of networking . I got nice overview of senior management recrutment process. Although It is not very useful to me at this stage of career but hopefully it will help in future.

My first week in Newyork was enjoyable, intensive and learning experience . I am looking forward for more in next week’s lectures.


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