New York – First Week & First Impressions

New York – majestic metropolis and an amazing city that impresses probably every guest who arrives here either for a short sightseeing trip, or in a search for new business opportunities.

To me this city came across as an example of strength, gigantism and scope, where cultures and styles intervene, and a lot of different nations co-exist together. According to the Global Cities Index New York is a top rank city. It is also the world’s most important financial center as well as one of the centers of fashion, culture and art. No wonder that every year New York attracts so many vistitors.

My key learning from the first week is that freedom of thinking, openness to opportunities, and creative approaches help to achieve business success. I liked the qoute of Alejandro and Brian from Accleration group: “The rules are not the rules. There is (almost) always another way”! They have provided us with comprehensive approach on how to look into a business opportunity, create viable solutions, and how to commercialize innovations. And while doing so one should take into account an “ecosystem”.

But it is not all “sugar & honey” if you want to be successful in New York. If you manage to make it here you get crazy capacity New York market offers and an access to its enormous opportunities. But it is tough at the same time. Enourmous competition will enable only the most persistent and knowledgable people to find their ways here as we have learned from Kulper & Company headhunter presentation.

Law firm visit, Pfizer speaker Aaron Foster and visit of NYU Center for Urban Science and Progress provided us with more valuable ideas and insights on doing business in New York.

I am happy with the program so far and I am trying to immerse myself into the atmosphere and the spirit of the city in order to get the most experience out of it.

To be continued…


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