New York.. New York!

New York.. New York!

They say it’s either you fall in love with it or you hate it forever. I guess I fell in love with it from the very first day I arrived here in 2011. And here I am for the second time in the big apple but this time it way much different. You ask me why, I tell you because I came here with the CEU business school and my awesome classmates which make it completely different than the previous one. My first visit was couple of years back in 2010 for only 8 days on a study tour for internship purposes. However, it was a very brief visit and I did not get the time to explore the big apple.

This time, I will get a chance to stay here for 4 weeks as part of the Full time MBA program at the CEU Business School. The 4 weeks module is aiming at giving us the flavour of leading enterprises in a global city while learning closely how leaders use their top-notch skills in business analysis and problem solving to identify and solve issues quickly and effectively in the most dynamic business environment in the world.

Our first week program was very attention-grabbing. We covered topics starting from how entrepreneurs can manage businesses in a global market via looking at the ecosystem of the venture and its composition from a macroeconomic perspective. It is important for entrepreneurs to understand their target markets, identify and assess the key opportunities, look for market driven innovations and how to commercialize it and acquire the needed resources to help them compete. We also had a speaker from Pfizer where he shed the light on how data analysis is helping a multi-national corporation to critically analyze and diagnose markets to propose feasible solutions. Examples were given on how Pfizer is using this data analytics department in setting their expansion strategy in different emerging markets and positioning themselves in such competitive business like the pharmaceuticals industry.

On the other hand, and speaking of the ecosystem, we also had another session on the regulatory frameworks governing the multinational corporations which are conducting businesses in multiple countries and how these regulations are set to reduce the corruption and bribery practices in foreign countries through the FCPA regulations with lessons learned from Simens and Maggyar Telecom cases. Another very interesting topic was on the Executive Search consultation and what are the essential management skills and talents required to be in a leader for executive position in a global business environment.

We also had a chance to visit the Centre of Urban Science and Progress in New York University. We had a very interesting presentations about urban informatics and how can data be analyzed and integrated to make cities more efficient which is the new trend in building smart cities.

I cannot believe we covered all these topics in just 3 days. So imagine how many other topics will be covered by the end of this trip!

Bring it on, NYC!


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