New York, The Global Experience

Since last couple of weeks I was eagerly waiting for this NYC trip. This is my trip to New York, the most global city in the world. And when I landed at JFK, my one dream fulfilled. Although I am in software industry for a couple of years, so I had a dream of to become a part of this city any time in future. Now I am a New Yorker for another 3 weeks. I am so happy. When I was in the process getting admission in the CEU, this New York module made me more interested for this MBA. At that time I knew that I was going to acquire lots of valuable global work culture and experience which will help me in my future immensely.

My first session in the Bard College was really amazing. It is completely different from the general classroom type sessions in the CEU. It was full of real world contents. At that time I thought I was going to get a lot of world class business knowledge in a competitive multicultural environment. The successive sessions were really eye opener for me. Within three days of session, I got so many different skills about real world business development.

Unlike the sessions of our CEU Business School, These sessions were very down to earth, practical sessions. It gave me an overall idea of what is a business ecosystem. A business does not necessarily mean that an organization of bunch of people with investment of a lot of money. But it is not really the case, if I will believe the findings of the sessions of the first week. A business has its own sets of ecosystem which can be primary, secondary or tertiary. The primary ecosystem parameters are very essential for the business in the first place like finance, location, manpower etc. But it does not mean that we should ignore the other secondary parameters like environmental issues, political issues, competitions etc. These skills are like eye opener to me which I can use in my future professional assignments. The other important aspects of this week were regarding multicultural work environments. Here I can get a feeling of what a multicultural work environment is? I can find almost all nationalities here.

The other value adding of this week in my opinion was the company visits. I got feelings of how the organizations here in New York are doing their business in a fierce competitive and multicultural environment. I came to know how to tackle issues related to corruption and ethics properly and how to handle those issues in real time.

One session was dedicated how to succeed in New York in pursuing a career, I really liked that session. Now I am even more focused about my future goals. I am really happy to be a part of such an excellent goal oriented business focused module.


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