Week One: Learning a Ton, Having Some Fun, Getting Stuff Done!

Famous American race car driver Mario Andretti is quoted as saying, “If you have everything under control, you’re not moving fast enough.” While I sometimes find myself exhausted from the speed of New York City, to say nothing of the speed of the FTMBA year, I am beginning to embrace Andretti’s viewpoint. NYC moves a mile a minute, and is so full of creativity and drive. Why slow down now?

My favorite part so far of the formal module was speaker Alejandro Crawford during the first two days. In particular, his approaches to developing a pitch for a new venture helped me understand the process of developing such a pitch in a new light. The CAPTURE framework will stay with me far after this month, as I think it is the most thorough (MECE) way of structuring thinking around a new venture that I have been introduced to, so far. In addition! I valued his advice to enter real talks with actual suppliers when generating cost estimates and predicting future cash flows. That is something I had not done, nor admittedly thought to do, and it seems intimidating and exciting, just like this city itself, to begin doing.

Other standout moments of insight for me came during the CUSP presentation, when I started understanding how big data can relate to tourism, and how it might be a crucial element in the cultural tourism consultancy I hope to one day own. Additionally, the candor with with the headhunter spoke to us helped motivate me to pay more attention to positioning myself thoughtfully in the job market.

Besides the formal module, the experience of living in Brooklyn offers a lot of opportunities to interact around the neighborhood as a local. I haven’t had the option before, as I’ve always been visiting Manhattan with family, never venturing out of Times Square or mid-city. Who knew New York could be so peaceful!?

Furthermore, I’ve always loved the “vibe” of the Big Apple, and this week has allowed me to experience that energy in a different, more directional way. The excitement of the city’s speed, its indomitable spirit, as well as the passion its locals hold for its potential, has been inspiring to me as a hopeful entrepreneur.

So, at moments of fear or frustration, like when I’ve just missed the subway door closing, or I realize I’ve been making a common mistake in the development of my new venture, or I’m late to a meeting despite the best and most sincere efforts not to be, I’ll just relax into the momentum, remembering that just like a race car, life in this city is supposed to feel just a little out of control. With that happy acceptance, each new turn has been inspiring and exhilarating.


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