1st week in NYC

First week in NYC was struggling with understanding the nature and energy of the big vibrant city. a lot of information of different type from everywhere. It seems to me that NYC was not ready to see me and I stuck in Canada for some time, missing the first day of classes here. Two more days of classes and company visit was really impressive immersing me into the life of NYC.

First impression is that NYC is truly business, finance, and innovative city with entrepreneurship climate! There are a lot of opportunitites here but you need to be open for them.

We learned it from Alejandro Crawford, Senior consultant at Acceleration Group, and Brian Gerski. They gave us insightful information about NYC ecosystem, entrepreneurial climate here and how to evaluate startup companies making due diligence from an investors perspective.

Second part of the day was about career session with Keith Kulper – executive recruiter, who unwrap the secret world of C-level recruitment here, in NYC.

The next day we were listening Pfizer presentation about using of data analytics for strategic positioning of the company in the emerging markets, and how to effectively use different factors in the model.

The last part of the day was the company visit to Friedman Kaplan Seiler & Adelman LLP about FCPA and US anti-corruption laws. It was interesting presentation and the guys seemed to be very professional and had a lot of real life experience in this field. I can`t say that it is useful for me now, but who knows where we will be in the nearest future and what challenges we will face.

Overall impression about the 1st week being here is that NYC is the city of best people, specialists in their areas, and the city of huge opportunities.

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