Riding the wave… the NEW WAVE

I can say I’m pleasantly surprised; I had initially thought the inertia of New York would wear off after the first week, but the current is stronger than ever. Each day, my cliché moleskin notebook gets filled with pages upon pages of new insights, new concepts, and things to look into that I never knew existed. Not only that, but everything I’m learning, I’m applying to the framework of my new venture idea and now, after barely 2 weeks of immersion, the skeleton of my business idea is really packing on some meat.


If you asked me what the bottom line of this week was, I could sum it up in the word ‘collaboration’. Time and time again, whether it was at WeWork, at General Assembly, or the presentation given by Antionio Evans, I keep seeing a theme of a new way of thinking bout business- collaboration over competition. This gives me hope, because collaboration isn’t talked of as much in Budapest as it is here, but I’m glad SOMEONE is talking about it. Luckily, somehow, I tapped into the importance of collaboration when I first came up with my business idea and seeing the powers of collaboration time and time again gives me hope that my business idea isn’t archaic at all, but rather quite cutting edge, regardless of that fact that is isn’t technology-centered.


One of the most applicable things that I incorporated into my learning is Ziv’s dual picture of how businesses were and are started- the version 1.0 and the more current, version 2.0. Business plans are out, and landing pages are in, Hallelujah! Having a business idea, and trying to make it fit into a typical business plan was what I struggled with for the entire first half of my ‘developing a new venture’ project. Somehow, just as I don’t fit into the typical MBA mold, neither did my business idea within the prototypical business plan framework. Moreover, I always had this knot in my stomach, as many entrepreneurs do, ‘What if it doesn’t work’? My business idea requires HEFTY capital to start up to say the least- musical gear is expensive, and the marginal cost of quality is immense. What if not enough people wanted what I had to offer? How would I ever pay back the money I needed to start up? Ziv’s 2.0 framework for starting a business alleviated that knot- Now I have a tangible way to assess the viability of my company. BRILLIANT!


And now, armed with an arsenal of wisdom that I gained from this weeks company visits and speakers, I take my leave for the weekend to be holed up in a Montreal bedroom (aka our office) with my partner in crime for three straight days and nights, living off cheap Chinese delivery, to START OUR BUSINESS! AVANTI!


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