Week 2 – The Rise of a Global Entrepreneurial City

A week to remember for a lifetime.

The learning’s from previous week were reflected this week when the entrepreneurs whom we met shared their valuable experiences of doing business in the city. All the Entrepreneurs had one thing in common, they all spent considerable time, first in learning in-depth about the business Eco system in NYC.
The entrepreneurs we met were very different from each other in attitude-for-life. We had a chance to meet entrepreneurs with an aggressive attitude as well as entrepreneurs with a more relaxed one.

The first speaker, Ziv from paragraph, had a relaxed and more introvert kind of attitude but it was good to learn that he is a serial entrepreneur with many success stories . He has recently been sold out for about a billion dollars and yet was down to earth and not giving up his passion for serving people, which was really inspiring.

The stories backing these entrepreneurs were heartfelt and inspiring. It made me think about the one skill that I have for which I can earn a buck on street. For example, the success story of Diego fro “We-hostels” is something to takeaway. Perseverance and the quest for success was what I saw in his story.

The week gave us quite a convincing knowledge of doing business as a start-up in New York. Also, I was super glad when we had the executive director of NY state incubator association with us, I realized how important is a state’s role in the wide spread Entrepreneurial culture prevailing in the city.

The visit to General assembly was interesting as we saw a co-working space diversifying into a training company. The move is innovative and may prove good for the company as NYC now has quite a lot of co-working space and it was time for General Assembly to move on.

The last day could not get better when Antonio Evans gave a comprehensive talk about the start-up world and also inspiring everyone in the room. The NYC module started to seem worth every penny I spent on my tuition. The city and the module continues to offer me wide perspectives and is filling me up with great confidence for life.

Lastly, the tech start-up, Brooklyn Research, gave me a great insight into partnership in start-ups and the innovative business model and their passion behind the star-up inspired me further.

I could feel the change when I went back to my Business ideas, which got buried in sand with the wave of extra work load at school and the job at United Nations. I hope to work on my ideas while I am in New York and try my luck in this Big city.

Stay tuned for more…




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