2nd week in “The Big Apple”

This week’s most important lesson for me was the point of view for each of my CEU batch mates. Hao felt that NYC was similar to Shanghai. Marina believes that it is similar to Moscow. I also felt that I was in India in 2030 maybe ;). In my opinion, each and every person is able to connect with this city and there is always something which will keep you busy and make you feel that you are very close from your home.


It was amazing to see Diego from “We Hostels”, who came to USA from Argentina and could not even speak English during that time. His story surprises me but more than that, it inspires me that there is no hurdle in your life that could stop you from your destination. And as Diego mentioned, hurdles make a make stronger rather than making him weak. WeHostels was named as one of the 100 Most Brilliant Companies of 2011 by one of the top Entrepreneur magazines.


After Diego’s enlightening session, we had another session which was about a startup incubator company called “Rework”. The success story of the incubator was inspirational and free coffee and beer was mesmerizing.

On Thursday, we went to Brooklyn research, a Research and Development startup, which is focused on providing solutions to companies belonging to different industries. They also showed us a couple of products and their approach of solving the problems. The company has been doing well, has a positive cash-flow but lacks a managerial ingredient to it. This makes me think how successful and brilliant ideas could still lack something of so much importance. The 3 partners have been doing a great job but I believe that at some point of time, they need a structural approach for their company to go big and grow without much hindrance.


I also learned about the research incubators in NYC and the role of private sector in financing and nurturing such incubators. I was also fortunate enough to understand the trends of the incubation world. The incubators also focus on reducing or removing risks involved in new ventures so that they could get finance opportunities easily.

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