Entrepreneurship Week

This week is our entrepreneurship week .We have many guest speakers who are Entrepreneurs and started their business in newyork. They shared their ideas and stories.

On May 27 , We have guest lecture in which Ziv (co-founder of paragraph.com) told about his journey of entrepreneurship. It was a learning experience . My keytakeaways from this lectures are: you dont have to be MBA to become an entrepreneur. MBA gives us theoritical knowledge but real learning come from real life experiences. The main difference between entrepreneurs and other people is that entrepreneurs DO things. They don’t TALK about them. Idea is not important , Execution is more important .Idea is nothing without proper execution. Dont care about what others say.Do what you belive.

We visited to “We Work” incubator I liked this place very much, l love the work environment and ambience. We had the opportuinity to meet Diego (we hostel). He share his experiences and problems he faced during his entrepreneurial journey. He came from Argentina and establish his business in Newyork. From this  I realized one thing  New York gives equal opportunity to everyone. He also speaks about how to apporach Angel investors , how you can find them and at what stage its best to apporach them. I appericate his openness in answers. I also learned how important is networking for the entrepreneurs.

We had guest lecture from Bojan Angelvo (Owner of socialdraft.com) I liked it most. His story of entrepreneuship is very inspiring. I learned a lot from his story. My key take away are: Failure is most important thing that happens to you. Failure is not bad. Failure is part of the process of success. People who avoid failure also avoid success.” – Robert T. Kiyosaki. He also advise us there is no perfect time to start if you want to do something do it know.Details and Research are important but don’t stuck in them you can not cover all the risk in business.You can beat the competition by working hard. Know your clients in business . Under promise and over deliver your clients.We also visited to “General Assembly” incubator I liked this place also.

On last day of our entrepreneurship week we visited Brooklyn Research It is different from other incubators it is research and development startup. They focused more on hardware and physical solutions to the companies rather than software. They are privately funded by their clients and has positive cash flow. I have seen very few research and development startups who have positive cashfolws. Three partners are doing very well and they have big future plans fot the company.

Being an entrepreneur this is week most exciting for me . I have taken many learnings from this week which really going to help me in future. It also changed my perspective towards few things.

Looking forward to next week.


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