Our second week was entrepreneurial. We met few entrepreneurs, saw few companies, but for me this week was not only about entrepreneurship, but mostly about sharing: ideas, places, sources and knowledge.

It was a big surprise from first week how open people in NY, they always ready to share their ideas or knowledge with you. My previous Eastern European experience was totally opposite. Don’t know it is our cultural specific or something else, but in Russia you rarely can meet people who is ready share something.

New York is incubator and co-working city. David Hochman, executive director of Business Incubator Association of NYS, told that here are biotech, design, fashion and cooking incubators! Looking forward to check one of the cooking! Google search shows that in NYC are lot of them!

Usually incubators propose shared co-working offices to young start-up companies according to their needs and support them with some services like.

Brooklyn Research is a place for scientist who are working in different areas. Combining different people is a principle idea for co-founder of this company. They are sure that is support creativity and their office looks very non-traditional.


Other co-working like WeWork differently. It is more traditional space but with modern design and different benefits include free beer, organic coffee, indoor bike storage and lots of other. Small companies have a chance to find a nice office in the city center which they couldn’t afford themselves. Membership price is $45/month, shared desk $550, price for private office start from $650.


Co-working also give companies the opportunity find partnership or collaboration. WeWork for example hire community managers who are responsible for helping to build connection between inhabitants. Networking is a word which we heard this week more often than any other. Each speaker stress importance of its.

Diego from suggest not only try to build network and tell about your project as many people as you can, but also try to find mentors who can support you by giving advice and protect you from some possible mistakes.

Ziv Navoth from Paragraph proposed his own 10 rules for entrepreneurs. Rule 01: don’t do it! Sound not too much inspiring? Of course it was a joke. Just do it, because

main difference between entrepreneurs and other people is that entrepreneurs DO things.

And one more lesson from this week – that a fail is not bad. It’s part of our experience. Everybody sometime fail. Your are strong not in case when you are not fail, but when you are able up.

And you always much be ready to study. It is most popular category of advertising in New York subway is a study services and fast growing industry in internet. General Assembly, which office we visited, also participates in this movement and as company site tell “General Assembly transforms thinkers into creators through education and opportunities in technology, business, and design”.


Are you ready for some more study? or new opportunity?

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