Week 2 – ´Just Do It´

It sounds like a Nike slogan, but its actually the key takeaway for me from our second week about Entrepreneurship. We had several inspiring presentations and company visits, which helped me to understand how businesses are created and managed in such competitive environment as NYC.
At our first presentation with Ziv Navoth, founder and CEO of [Paragraph], http://www.paragraph.me, we have heard his 10 rules for entrepreneurs. The one that I clearly remembered was ‘Just do it’. The main thing that differentiate entrepreneurs from other people is that they DO things. They do not TALK about them or RESEARCH them. They DO them. Another useful learning from Ziv was that nowadays to start a business it’s not enough to have one idea only, you have to come up with lots of ideas, then validate them and soon or later to focus on one thing that works best for you (How to start up V 2.0). 
In the afternoon we had the opportunity to meet with Diego from WeHostels (www.wehostels.com). Diego is a successful entrepreneur who provided us with an insight about starting his business in NYC. He positions his success on his persistence, hard work and network. Building relationships with people from the community is a key driver for success. As lots of entrepreneurs here, he is running and growing his company in so called incubator, WeWork (www.wework.com). This and similar companies provide the necessary platform to start ups in order to establish and grow successfully their businesses. Services include functional workspace, collaborative environment, connective technology, educational events, workshops, etc. This is a community where ambitious entrepreneurs and innovative businesses meet and collaborate to achieve their goals.
This business model is widely spread in the City. We are hearing about it all the time. Bojan Angelov, founder of Two Lines and a Dot, also runs and grows his business within such an incubator. The key take away from his presentation was that the capacity of entrepreneurs to absorb risk is very high, that’s why they fail. But failure does not necessarily mean bad, this is a process of our learning experience. The important thing is that you should not give up. 
,Chase your dream!’. This we could here from the inspiring presentation of Antonio Evans from Social Draft, http://www.socialdraft.com. Some of the key take always from him were that you need to figure out what the future looks like and make it happen. If you work hard enough, you will beat your competition. Details really matter. Be willing to change. Over deliver and under promise. Know your client.
On our last day of the Entrepreneurial week, we visited Brooklyn Research (www.brooklynresearch.com), which is a real example of an incubator, providing co-working space for talented entrepreneurs. Their creativity and collaboration seemed to be the key factor for success.
All in one, this week was very productive and gave us an a real flavor of the entrepreneurial spirit of the city. 
Looking forward Week 3……

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