Week two: Settling In …

My second week started off with the Memorial Day holiday which I spent shopping in and around the bustling areas in the city, making most of the holiday sale. This week focused on the role of entrepreneurship New York City and how this city has seen the rise of entrepreneurship over the years. The first session on Tuesday was given by the co-founder of paragraph app, Ziv Navoth. His talk was one of its kind as he elaborated his entire lifetime in the world of entrepreneurship and how he evolved from being a roadside seller on Anjuna beach to a well-known user-driven app called Paragraph. Believe me, the talk was indeed awe-inspiring. The second part of the day was spent at a well-established incubator company called We Work. The office space was truly remarkable with a healthy environment for working individuals. We had a talk given by WeHostels founder, an Argentinean, again with an awe-inspiring journey to talk of. He stressed on key areas such as networking, hard-work, trying till you succeed. You will face a number of failures throughout your journey but there is no feeling in the world when you enjoy real success.

The coming day, we were asked to present our views and learnings of our first week in class. It was great to see everyone having their own different views coming from different backgrounds. We head off later to another well-established startup, General Assembly. The speaker explained how this company, which once was the house of incubator to the educational hub that it had turned to today, stressing on how much a role education plays nowadays and the shift was indeed sensible in a way. Now they have multiple centers all over the world providing education in the field of technology and innovation. We had a guest lecturer that afternoon by David Hochman, Executive Director of Business Incubator Assoc. He strongly favored University based Innovation as compared to the traditional garage-incubators and spoke how a synergy between incubators and businesses is a key for tech development in our ecosystem today.

I was gutted to miss on the guest talks on Thursday as I head off to Portland to meet a dear friend  after quite sometime. The rest of the week was spent roaming around the west coast in this beautiful Oregon state. All this talk of entrepreneurship was a big eye-opener of sorts for me as you could see this as a big from driving force in the coming years causing disrupting changes in the environment around us. I would love to be a part of it some day.

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