Week2: I am lured to become an entrepreneur

Almost settled in New York. I have completed two weeks here. I like the life of New York very much. The first week was like an appetizer for the New York Module. But the second week was like a pure main course.

The week 2 was started with the session of Ziv Navoth. What a session was that. I was over whelmed by the contents of that session. The 10 rules for entrepreneurs are really an eye opener. I came to know that it is very essential for a entrepreneur to have a supportive partner in the business. It does not mean that without a partner the business would not survive, but a partner is essential for risk sharing. The essence of the 10 rules for entrepreneurs is “Just Do It”. The key difference between an entrepreneur and non-entrepreneur is that entrepreneurs believe in doing not talking. To become successful as an entrepreneur, it is required that the ideas be converted to concrete realities in the form of business plans. Ideas alone do nothing. Anyone can have numerous ideas, but the key is to convert them into realities which are another distinguished difference between an entrepreneur and a common man. Another key take always of this session was to get acquainted with the complete steps to start a new business. Here also although to have an idea is the key, but how to effectively convert that idea into a successful business is the main goal.

The session about incubators was very informative to me. I got the basic idea about incubators which is nurturing start ups to survive in the open market. This is the time when start ups are in dire need of help to succeed overcoming all the odds.

When I came to know that New York is the best city in the world for start ups, I was amazed. This New York trip is is going to be an important episode in my future career. This trend was clearly visible in the company visits of the second week. I was really amazed how the start ups came into existence facing tons of odds and still successful. The sessions were encouraging and insightful. The visit to Brooklyn Research was an awesome experience. This type of encounter always gives lots of encouragement to become a successful entrepreneur.

When I started my MBA, my inclination was more towards IT, Marketing and Strategy. But now I am seriously interested to become an entrepreneur. And if that is the case in the near future, then that outcome will be the result of these mind blowing sessions and company visits.

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