Finance & Consulting Week

Newyork module is getting better and better as it progresses.This week was focused on Finance And Consulting most  fasinating and demanding fields for any MBA graduate.

Our First Guest lecture was conducted by Paul chairman BTA Partners. Paul has no finance degree it was interesting to see How tech guy enters into finance domain and establish his own finance company.He had loads of experience.

On the second half of first day we visited Zephyr management It was my most interesting visit. The visit was insightful and learning experience. I inspired by their stories of life and career.Company invests most of its investment in emerging region such as India, Srilanka, Vietnam. He talked about growth potential and markets in these countries. It’s good to hear that they are getting 35-40% return on their investment per year. I was surprised by sri lanka as emerging region. This is something new to me. He also told about high growth sectors in these regions such as Consumer Products, For Profit education and Healthcare.

I learned many lessons from this visit.

  • Concept of Relative Competition and Advantage :- We have to see the markets where we are relatively better than our competitors.
  • Emerging regions are the future
  • How Social and economic factors affect the Investments.
  • Don’t Underestimate the competition

Next Day we got an opportunity to visit Rudin Management a real estate firm. I liked this company very much. This company is 100 year old but its amazing how they transform themselves and become real state firm with innovation and technology. They introduced us with their technology DiBoss. This technology use different data and works as a central processing unit in the buliding . It helps in maintaing building energy efficient and save million of dollars per year. Intially I thought this technology could be very expensive and not very much feasible but i was shocked by the fact that payback period of this technology is 5 months.I feel this technology could have good market in countries like India,China, Korea. I also learned that Change and Innovation is necessary in business.

Next We had guest lecture by Stephen Ibach about finance industry. He told us about how finance industry evolved over the time and gave overview about different fields of finance such as hedge funds ,equity market. Then He spoke about future of finance and How technology is going to play an important role in future.

We got an opportunity to visit one of biggest VC of US “General Atlantic”. Their minimum investment in any company would be 100-150 million. They only invested in stable companies with high potential growth. They also see emerging regions such as India and China as potential market. I learned that its not easy to invest others money.Their investment process is very rigorous and complex. Out of 100 companies they invest only in 10 and the complete process of investment take around 10 months.

On last day we visited to Ernst and Yong one of the big four company. It was a learning experience we learned how they consulting field woks and how company differentiate themselves from its competition.Our Visit to Bloomberg and Nasdaq were amazing and very motivating. I love to work for a company like Bloomberg.

Next week is our last week .. looking forward for next week.








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