By visiting Zephyr Management, RUDIN Management, General Atlantic, Bloomberg, EY and NASDAQ we learned more about the world of money. We also got familiar with how these firms operate and create value, and what stands behind their success.
The week started with the presentation of Paul Toldalagi, the CEO of BTA Partners, the successful consultancy firm. We learned that the intellectual agility and expertise drive the consultancy business. It is important to be prepared for changes, when the opportunities appear before us. Developing empathy is a skill, and enormously more important in the future, since you live through social platforms. Consultancy is about: Listening, Selling and Doing your homework.
Our first company visit on the third week was Zephyr Management, a global company focused on investments in emerging markets. During their presentation the basic concept of valuing an opportunity relative to price, and positioning oneself in high growth areas were echoed. The company offers return for their clients better than the clients can earn on other assets. Some pieces of advice: “Follow your heart and choose a profession in which you are passionate.” “Manage yourself and position yourself to be lucky.” “Life is about execution.”
How does Zephyr decide where to invest?
They follow 3 metrics:
1, Work-ethic. The presenter found China as the place of the lowest work ethic, when he went to visit a bicycle factory. He experienced the same in India.
2, Savings rate. It is important for financing growth. If people do not trust in their government, they do not save money. In India people invest in Jewelry. In Brasilia low savings also one of the main problems
3, Sound commitment to education. It gives you an opportunity for a better life.

I was most impressed by our company visit at Rudin Management, which firm has one of the largest portfolios privately held real estate in New York City.
This firm is not only real estate business, but real estate technology management. RUDIN owns the intellectual property of Di-Boss application. The development of Di-Boss costed 3M USD. It was built for people, who run office buildings. The main competitors are: Microsoft , Honeywell. Rudin Management realized that they would be able to manage their assets better and at the same time save more energy if they would have all building sensor information at one place and be able to control the entire property from the same place as well. However, that time this kind of system didn’t exist on the market.
As a result company partnered with the global technology company Selex ES of Finmeccanica and created Di-Boss. Di-Boss is the world’s first Digital Building Operating System. As the COO of the company John Gilbert mentioned “it is the brain of the building”. Di-Boss is a platform, which gathers Big Data from all the sensors and services of the building and integrates them in real time. From elevator management to the fire alarm system, heating and cooling systems, security and building management systems, software systems come together in one place.
Operators can shut off when the building is empty. They can see what is going to happen in the building in 2 hours.
The system can forecast energy usage of the building in the future. Di-BOSS includes Tenant Portal as well. Tenant Portal allows tenants to see their individual energy consumptions, which greatly affects their behavior.
DiBoss was implemented in several buildings and effects are amazing. Payback period for the system from the building of more than 5000 occupants was 5.5 month. The firm was able to save $ 505,000.00 only in one winter.
RUDIN showed us that the future for all firms is to invest and to use Big Data for business efficiency.
This week we had another amazing visit at the Bloomberg office building. Lauren guided us through the building of this state of the art technology company. She emphasized that Bloomberg’s core value is being unbiased. Bloomberg brought transparency to the financial market. The modern workplace offers nice comfortable tangible environment to 6 thousand employees. Updated flowers, Japanese fish to bring good luck, big free buffet at 6 floors serve the employees’ well-being. Since building a strong Bloomberg community is the basis of the company’s success, the 6th floor was developed as the meeting point of the office. Every employee should go onto the 6 floor in order to get anywhere in the building. The company offers the same training for all employees all over the world in order to be able to offer the same high quality service. Very divers modern working environment.
We closed the week with an unforgettable experience at NASDAQ. We have participated not only on the competition’s presentation and on the closing bell ceremony but also we appeared on their tower’s neon sign at Times Square!


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