New Yorkers Live for Buzz Words and One-Liners

Having now been in New York of here weeks, the most salient thing I’ve noticed other than the few additional decibels everywhere you go, is that New Yorkers LIVE FOR BUZZ WORDS.

I began a practice of writing down new phrases or words in my journal during classes back in Yusaf’s  Strategy class when he would throw beautiful and fancy sounding jargon at us. I would write them down and then tuck them away for later use.  In each of Yusaf’s classes I would come away with new modern gems such as ‘ disruptive innovation’ and ‘massclusivity’. I began this practice doing from a place where those around me often had enviable lexicons, particularly my best friend. They would enchant me with their eloquence and I yearned to be as articulate as they.  I continued this practice into our Neew York module and my moleskine has now morphed into a sort of ‘business urban dictionary’. New Yorkers man, they live for buzz words ( Don’t even get me started on inspirational one-liners). Here are a few of my favourites from this week:

“You have more nerve endings in your stomach than in your brain” – Chief Executive, Rudin Management

” Petrie Dish”-  Essentially a word to describe businesses that are a test field for new ideas and practices. A petrie dish is  a scientific tool used in experimentation- it is the small plastic  dish that scientists would put substances they worked with in, and then would see what happened after manipulating it in some way

“Silo” – segregated, often used for describing segregated divisions or tasks within a firm ( although oddly enough its roots are in agriculture. Seeing a trend here?)

Oh wait, there’s more…

“Be humble, hungry, and honest”  – Steve Ibach, Credit Suisse

Cafe Philosophique- A gathering place for ideas

“dating service for entrepreneurs”

“melting pot of ideas”

“Reverbatory Effect”

“cross-pollination of ideas”

“Pivot into new areas of business”

“suite of products”



The truth is that the finance and consulting  week wasn’t particularly my cup of tea, and I found it particularly hard to swallow some of the things that were said by presenters, especially the solution to hunger in Africa being to open up a McDonalds and making money while you’re at it.

So to make a contribution, here’s a buzz word of my own invention. Feel free to use it in any business presentation henceforth:


REVELEGENDARY: something so revolutionary that its legendary!


Bon Apetit. Stay Hungry

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