Our 5 minutes to be world-famous. Week in skyscrapes

I couldn’t imagine that this week would be so exciting! I never dreamed about job in finance (honestly I always had impression that this area is a little boring area). For this reason I didn’t wait a lot from visits to financial companies, as well as to EY who is specialized in assurance and tax consulting. Who wrong I was.

First surprise waited in Zephyr Management. From my previous experience in conference organization I remember that most interesting speakers usually don’t use complicated structure and sentences. Real art is speak about difficult things simple to be understandable for 10-year old child. CEO and founder Thomas C.Barry and managing director Jim Awad have this skill.

Zephyr is not big but respectful company investing in emerging markets and small or medium companies. For success they follow rule to use best price for opportunity and not lowest one. Three major indicators for them to make decision about investment: work ethic, saving rate and reference to education.

Some else useful ideas for me:

  • Follow your heart,
  • Study not only useful things, but what you really like,
  • Positioned yourself to be lucky, not to be smartest one,
  • Connect the dots,
  • Choose best price for opportunity,
  • And it’s normal if in BS you always thing that everybody smarter than you (those guys sometimes also thong the same).

Other investment company which we visited this week is financial giant General Atlantic. “Don’t go to us if you have less than 100 mln.” Hope one time we will can:).

This company is more conservative in its investment. Average investment time is not less than 5 years, amount of money is huge in each case and company doesn’t invest in star-up of problem companies. Only in profitable businesses those needed money for grow and wants to have a partner.

To find a right company, GA analyze 6-8 companies to choose best. Big team including internal investment team, law firm, accounting firm, in some cases consulting firm and sometimes expert in area where company operates start investigation which can take 4 or more months. Into account must be taken legal aspect, regulation, tax issues, company structure, and quality of management team. In one year company usually makes 8-12 decision about investment.

But as told us operation director of GA “investment is never perfect”. And only one way to minimize problem is have strong ethical rules, and don’t do business with questionable people.

Rudin management is a property management company who is operating more than 40 building in NYC has office in one of its skyscapers. That interesting company positioned itself not in real estate niche but in information management sector. For effective operations company use own system Di Boss, which provides opportunity coordinate all system in one – electricity, heating, elevators, forecast energy consumption according to the occupancy of building in different day and night time. Company sell this software to other companies. Interesting fact – 40% of energy consumption depends of design and construction and 60% is a part depends of people activities.

Three years ago I read the book “Bloomberg about Bloomberg” and of course I looked forward to visit to this company. Nowadays lot of news companies tell that they are not bias and impartial but in reality they are. To prevent it Bloomberg news reviewed by 2 separate editors (never heard about similar practice in other news agency). One of the important principle is transparency and offices in all floor has transparent walls (only one room is non-transparent but it used as a waiting room for celebrities by one of the Bloomberg studio tenant).

Conditions in the office really nice and supportive. Coffee, fruits and snakes for all staff and guest are free. In each floor there are aquariums with 22 fishes (quantity of terminals sold Bloomberg in 1982 to first company’ client – Merill Lynch). Bloomberg tower is one of the tallest building in NYC and company doesn’t use space entirely. Biggest part is the luxury condominiums.


And last most impressive visit was to Nasdaq for two reasons. First is a competition organized by CEU Business school, PREZI and NASDAQ. Three team of our classmates competed with each other. Three different interesting projects but only one can win. And my congratulation to Mark, Jamie and Rebecca!

Ersinan, Oana, Hari, TK and Judit! Don’t worry! You made great work! Your presentations were very impressive!

Second reason, we participated in close call ceremony and especially it was great because of IPO of BankWell which happened this day! Unforgettable! And it was showed in real time to huge screen in Times Square.

And we also had our 5 minutes on Times square:)



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