Week 3: A week of introspection about my last career- “Consulting”

Now I have completed three weeks in New York. Till now it was an awesome experience to be a part of the most global multicultural society of the world. The first two weeks were extremely interesting, refreshing, and full of information. Now I have many skills in my control which I had no idea ever before. I was so exciting. I was in the impression that our MBA program is all about different types of courses like Marketing, Finance, and Strategy where I would be taught about the nuances of these skills. Then I will finish my MBA and will search for a job. But I was wrong.

These three weeks completed hanged my perspective about this program. And the credit goes to the New York module. Whereas the first two weeks are dedicated to start up and Entrepreneurship stuffs, the third week was all about Consulting and Financial services. I like the itinerary of the third week Although Finance is little new to me, but Consulting is not. I was a Consultant before joining my MBA. It was a time to remember all those stuffs and had feel good factor.

Last weeks company visits were the most encouraging ones compared to previous ones. Last week I got the chances of visiting some of the renowned companies of the Finance and Consulting world like Bloomberg, Earnest and Young and NASDAQ. I love those visits. I really like the visit to the Bloomberg. I never thought I will ever visit Bloomberg in NY. But thanks to NYC Module that is a reallity. The visit was interesting and encouraging. I got an overall good idea of the history of Bloomberg. I was amazed to see how Bloomberg has contributed to the stock market technologically and how it is helping the stock market make popular among the common people. Bloomberg is using some of the latest technologies available in the world.

The visit to Earnst and Young was like a home return for me. Although the information’s were not new to me but those were latest and at par to the current trends. In my previous tenure as a consultant I generally use the available templates for the expected solutions. These templates were available to help out the consultants to save time and increase the quality of the solutions they provide. But I was surprised how the consultants in E&Y are using out of box solutions in majority of the cases. I was really amazed to know that hoe they are trying hard to make themselves different from the crowd.

The last visit of the week was NASDAQ. It was a good time to see our own colleagues to present their presentations about new ventures. I liked all the presentations but my bet was on the second group consisting Jamie, Mark and Rebecca.

Collectively I ended up with another week full of new and useful information and added some of the new skills and experience in my feather. I hope the last week of our module in New York will be even more interesting and informative. That’s it!!!!


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