Week 3: Ministry of Finance and Consulting

The week that most of us were waiting for – week of finance and consulting.

The first classroom session was conducted by Paul Toldalgi, chairman of BTAPartners, a consulting firm. It was very insightful in a way of how advisory services operate and what diferentiates them from their competitors to sustain in the market. Here was a man with loads of experience, stepping out of his comfort zone to start something of his own, something that he believed in, and strenthening it to its capabilitities. Next up, was a visit to Zephyr Management, a real-estate firm dealing in businesses in emerging countries like India, China, Sri Lanka, Brazil . The two speakers, the chairman and managing director, started off talking about how they got there and how their lives evolved over the years as they made their journey in the world of finance. They stressed upon the fact that their company chose to handle small-medium sized businesses and keep it that way. Due diligence was a key factor in their operations and activities.

Tuesday started off with a visit to Rudin Management, another real-estate firm, but with a difference. The company differentiated itself by stating that they were a technology driven real estate firm, not just a run of the mill. The speaker introduced this new technology that they had patented – DiBoss. It was fascinating to see how this system functions as a central processing unit for an entire building saving on thousands of dollars by conserving energy resourses in the building. He spoke of thecompany’s plans to heavily market this new technology and gave us a picture of how the eco system woould benefit if more and more data were to be gathered using DiBoss. Next up was a classroom session by Stephen Ibach, a finance guru, spoke of how the financial service industry has evolved over the years and what lies next in the world of finance.  Technology , according to him, would play a key role in the future of the finance industry and that every organization needed to develop such disruptive services to sustain in the market.

The highlight of the week was the visit to Bloomberg and Ernst and Young, one that I would remember in years to come . To tell you frankly, we hardly learnt much from our visits here , but the experience as a whole gave us this belief of working in an organization like this. The office space at Bloomberg was beautifully designed – flashing LEDs , to glass cabins to fish ponds etc. EY very helpful in a sense that they had their employees,from different divisions, involved in discussions with us.

How could I forget our visit to Nasdaq, in the heart of Times Square. 3 of our teams were part of a Nasdaq and Prezi competition. All three teams did a fabulous job with their presentations, believe me, it was one hell of a task presenting in such a high octane environment. The week ended on a perfect note, we were able to see a company going Public at Nasdaq, the Closing bell thereafter and guess what, we were right there – On the Nasdaq tower – what a feeling 🙂

CEU on Nasdaq Tower

CEU on Nasdaq Tower!

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