BTA Partners, Rubin Management, Zephyr Management, General Atlantic, Bloomberg, EY and NASDAQ! What a week?! 
I was really looking forward for Week 3, but I never thought it will be so inspirational, motivational and emotional in the same time.
I was impressed by the hospitality and the attention we received from the executives and the employees of these companies.
Our journey started with the professional journey of Mr Paul Toldalgi, CEO of the successful consulting firm BTA Partners. I summarized some of the key rules and learnings from his experience:
– Discipline
– Constant Learning
– Expect that you can fail
– You fail if you do not differentiate yourself
– Be proactive to reduce objections – your career depends on you
– Provide solutions to complex problems/issues!
– Do not charge overhead but fee for every solution you offer! (Payment based on performance)
– Align the the interest of the client with yours!
Our visits at Zephyr Management and General Atlantic brought us to the investments world. I was trying to absorb every single aspect of the businesses and to understand what is their key for success.
Some of the quotes we could here from the Top managers at Zephyr Management were: Follow your heart and what you are passionate about! Position yourself to be lucky! Assume other people are smarter than you!
In terms of the investments the CEO of Zephyr Management mentioned that the key drivers for investment for them are work ethic, savings rates, commitment to education.
We could learn a lot about the private equity world at General Atlantic – main activities, companies to invest in, geographic area and sectors, terms and requirements, holding period for investment, etc. It was pointed out that ‘making investment is not difficult, building a company and selling it is the BIG thing’.
Given my professional experience in Real Estate, I was very impressed by our company visit at Rudin Management, one of the largest private real estate firms in the NYC. I can say, it is a different world. As we could hear from the presenter, it is not anymore a real estate business, but information management. What the company does is transforming the city, transforming the city with the help of technology, data collection, analytics and management. I am definitely interested to learn more about this business. 
We also had a chance to visit companies with such a big names as Bloomberg & NASDAQ.
It was one time unforgettable experience to participate live at the closing bell ceremony at Nasdaq and be on their tower at Times Square! Thank you CEU Business School!



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