Welcome to the real world

In the past couple of weeks, I had been learning about the new ecosystem in business and entrepreneurship and its importance in the business world. But when I think of making these 2 things possible and how to do so, the only thing that comes to my mind is “Money”. I great new idea goes in vain if entrepreneurs fail to find financing opportunities for their projects. Similarly, a new ecosystem requires infrastructure, which is an investment in the company’s point of view and requires money for it.


BTA Partners, which started in 2005, has come a great way since then. The company provides strategic advisory services and then also drives their implementation for their clients. Mr. Paul Toldalgi, CEO of the company, also told us about his career path. The path was really inspiring as he started his career in a totally different field and has still achieved so much with this company.


At Zephyr Management, I learnt the importance of knowledge in a business. It may sound like a very obvious statement, but when I heard Mr. Thomas Barry talking about India, China and other emerging regions, it seemed like he had been living in each country during his whole life. What I mean is that the amount of knowledge he had for a region could only be obtained if you have been living in that region and you are also familiar with the culture of that region. It sounds so difficult, and I am sure it is more difficult than it sounds, but Mr. Barry gives us so much enthusiasm to keep learning by proving the importance of information in the world of investments.

We were fortunate enough to visit Bloomberg’s office and learn about the company’s culture and how important transparency is in the company. Bloomberg makes sure that their employees get news and data before it is out in the market.


At General Atlantic, the experience was similar to what I felt at Zephyr. Truly inspiring and learning the potential of the emerging markets. There were expected differences in ideology as well. Zephyr does not invest in infrastructure in India as there is none. On the other hand, General Atlantic focuses more on it in India.

At Ernst and Young, we learned about how the company differentiates itself with the top 4. The company focuses on making its own solutions from scratch, rather than following a structured flowchart. It is one of the very few companies, especially in the finance sector, which claims that they are in the market to do what they love and give back to the community rather than making a lot of money.


Last but not the least, WE WERE ON THE NASDAQ TOWER!!!! 😀 We also experienced the closing bell ceremony at NASDAQ. I am going to keep these memories with me forever!!!


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