The Green Week

Finally the New York Module came to an end. The last one month was a rigorous encounter with some of the most talked about concepts and visits in the world’s most global city? In these 4 weeks my perspective towards doing business completely changed. Now I can feel that there is significant change in my thinking vis-a-vis business and new ventures. I was really amazed to see that how the individuals are becoming renowned entrepreneurs facing all the odds and succeeding in the global city. I came to know some of the newest concepts now in trend in the consulting industry. The last lag of the visit was dedicated to the social innovation and sustainability. Te last week of my visits gave me a good lesson regarding socioeconomic perspective. Prior to that I was under the impression that society and business are two different entities. But after the 4th week my conclusion is that businesses can be deeply integrated with society and the result will be far more effective. Another important concept which I liked and i really respect is sustainability. Sustainability is a way of doing business without harming the surrounding environment. This is the concept which is going to be the center point of future business development.

The visit to the navy yard was very interesting and encouraging. I got an idea of a situation which is going to be true 20-30 years down the line. And it also highlighted the need for sustainable development. I saw one of the forms of sustainable development in the navy yard where building roof tops are used for plantation. They are successfully growing vegetables and flowers in the rooftop of their building. By doing this they are contributing to the society and relieving some pressure from the environment. I am sure this technology will be widespread in future as the farm land is decreasing at an alarming rate. As a nature lover I appreciate to their efforts and I will do my best to apply these concepts in my future endeavors to help the environment. The last visit of the New York Module was to the GrenMaps. I saw another form of sustainability there. They are trying to map the world according to wetlands, forests, wild life habitats, drinking water, and parks. They are trying to inform the society about the importance of sustainable growth. Their motive is not just providing maps for locating places. But their broad message to the society is to use GreenMaps as strategic tools that have the potential to enlighten, engage and mobilize communities.

With this I am closing this blog and I want to thank to Bala, Mel and my colleagues who were part of such a memorable visit which is going to immensely benefit me in my future.

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