God Bless America

We were into week 4 of our New York trip and this time the theme dealt with Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability. The week had a mixture of lectures on green energy and sustainable operations plus visits to green sources such as Brooklyn Grange and Green Maps.

One of the noteworthy items of the trip was the visit to this one of a kind green rooftop, Brooklyn Grange. And it wasn’t just green growth that you would see here, but actual farming on rooftops in Brooklyn and Queens. Fascinating right? The most interesting part for me was how they developed this into a year-round organic farming business from a mere passion. Also, the operations of such a business are with regards to rest of the ecosystem.


Another visit that we had was to Green maps, a well established business generating green maps all over the world. The maps help you locate the green sectors with a particular city , hugely promoting social entrepreneurship. They have tie-ups with major organizations across the globe to make this possible. The organization has also started making open sourced maps so that end-users can feed in their information into maps , making it much more interactive. The speaker founder spoke of similar operations in South Africa which proved to be a huge success in the fifa World Cup 2010 in SA.

Another interesting guest talk we had was a lecturer-professor from NYU speaking on Entrepreneurship at the university and how they are consistently nurturing talent from within to compete with rest of the universities in the country. They face a constant challenge to sustain start-ups rather than dying slow. The speaker stressed on the fact that they encourage early failures no matter be the count, in order to succeed eventually.

All in all, the entire NYC module was perfectly shaped up and structured to our liking. There are a lot of positives I take away from this trip which will help me greatly in applying it to my needs in future.  

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