Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Week

Our last week of incridible Newyork module- social entrepreneurship and sustainability week. Ihad sustainbility course is in first tri semester now I have the chance to learn that course practically .

I missed the moday classes as I was in sanfrncisco .This weekend I traveled to san francisco west coast of US to meet my friend. This was a great weekend I like very much this place. I found San francisco different from NewYork. I feel the reflection of europe lifestyle in san francisco. People are enjoying near sea coast ,lots of good hotels and restaurants. I also visited vallejo, sacramento and Rossville. I enjoyed road trip from sanfrancisco to sacramento.

We have visited Green Maps ,they are generating green maps all over the globe. They are in business from last 19 years and have presence in around 65 countries. The Green maps helps you in locating green areas in the city. Many people and organisations are attached to this company and help in spreading green maps.What concern me there revenue model They are completely depend on funds from philanthropist. They charge very small fees but that does not cover the expenses to run the company. In my opinion this is good initiative but not sustainable in terms of business. It could be interesting to find some ways to make it financially sustainable. Then the we go to see community parks. Overall it’s a nice experince to see someone doing for society.

After this visit we have unofficial get together of ceu allumni hosted by one of the ceu alumni who lives in Newyork. It was great experince and we had fun.I also remember this trip for my terrible flight experience my every flight this month was delayed more than 4 hours and last flight from newyork to budapest was my worst experience.

With the end of this week our module came to an end . I always going to miss this month of incridible Newyork module. I learned a lot and got motivation to move ahead , stay hungary and think big. I also want to thank Prof. Bala and Dean Mel who arranged such a great trip for us and made it one of the most learning experience.


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