The future is here.. and it’s sustainable (hopefully)

At the outset of his MBA program, I took an assessment of what my most pertinent skills and strengths are and how they directly intersected with the highest probability that I would get a job 11 months later. With such a diverse set of experiences throughout my life, I felt I had many bases covered- sales, people management, and business development. Others, such as economics and finance, I knew were lost causes. What remained was this pocket, this area, of utmost importance- sustainability. 


Taking Michael LaBelle’s Collaborating for Green Growth class opened my eyes to something that I had instinctively been interested in and concerned about for the majority of my life. Having been raised in one of Canada’s prototype cities, where the government pumps funds in to test out new initiatives, I had always thought that everyone just recycled, that nobody littered, and that people were responsible in the way they treat the planet- but after extensive travel I quickly realized that this was not the case everywhere. I was elated when I found out that there was this concentration in sustainability, because I knew how aware Canadians were about environmental issues. I figured, hey, I know this stuff, i like this stuff, and maybe, since this is where the future is headed, I should probably get a paper that confirms this stuff so that I can get a job really easily. 


Fast forward the fourth week in our New York Module, sustainability week. New York was definitely in my opinion, the capstone to our education- it allowed us to see a global city through new eyes, having now grasped the fundamentals of doing business. And the final week was definitely the epitome of ‘collaborating for green growth’. If you break down that course, we see three key issues, which to me and time again were echoed in the New York module- Collaborate. Green, and Growth. 


The company visit where I saw these three concepts most explicitly was at Brooklyn Grange. I realized that in order to achieve growth, one must consistently find new ways to collaborate. For example, being able to use the space for events such as film screenings and weddings allowed for a new job position – an event planner- at a rooftop farm. How novel, I thought! Collaborating with schools and bringing children to see the farming project will spark in some an interest in the activities of Brooklyn Grange, and allow for future growth and expansion, and the best part? It’s ALL GREEN! 


Now that Collaborating and Growth are covered, the final thing that is left is ‘GREEN’: What shocked me most in the sustainability week was during the memetic marketing presentation. I realized that climate change is just a joke to some, whereas for me, it is partly the pulse of my heart and filters through to manifest itself in many of my behaviours. Now, I’m very glad that I decided to do a concentration in sustainability- not for the sake of getting a job faster, but for the sake of being educated, and in turn, educating others to keep our planet healthy and happy! Great Week!


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