The Open Grange and Monty Graham’s Way to Save the Future

Brooklyn Grange was the embodiment of business. The mixture of an idea brought to life by daring to try, collaborating with friends and partners, working hard, managing others, owing the whole chain of activities from planning to planting to pricing. This is business in the modern day that probably sees the least amount of outsourcing possible. Anything that has to deal directly with their work, they do it. And in modern terms, that is kind of amazing. Though, most likely, they pass off some of their non-core work to paid expertise, the ownership of so much of the foundation building activities was pretty amazing.

What was impressive about Brooklyn Grange was how much they took on considering their staff count. Ben Flanner gave the impression that among the handful of staff, so much responsibility and accountability was on their shoulders. Though that might sound stressful, given the power to move a company – to be the steward of its direction – has a very uplifting and rewarding appeal to it. In such a place, one stops being a cog and is the motor that turns the world towards the future.

Monty Graham gave me ideas. Its been said, in every moment of failure there is an opportunity for success. Society has been on a path of self-destruction and there an opportunity to save it. Although we needed to hear it, the warning of doom and gloom is pretty much out in society. “Without change, the seas will be poisoned. Without repentance, their will be hell to pay.” And always, in counter, in the balance, there are those that work in opposite, that work in response to prevent the destruction of human kind.

Monty Graham’s work in compiling information about PPT networks is evidence that all the solutions to salvation are at hand. The hard work is not inventing something new, but organizing the effort to make sense of the information, organize the actions, and monitor the changes to the ecosystem. By concentrating on collecting the data generated by what people do everyday and learning what opportunities exist in reducing the impact humanity has had on the earth, there is the possible profit to be made in keeping the world in tune where it can both work and exist – the definition of sustainable.



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